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A few years ago, a friend was going through a pretty traumatic experience, and another friend of hers simply said, ‘oh, you just need to get over it now’. I won’t go into the personal details but I can assure you, it wasn’t the sort of thing you just ‘get over’. 

It’s always fascinated me that people think this sort of advice is helpful, but I see it over and over again, in various situations. When I started my business, it reared its head again – Lacking motivation? Just get on with it. Feeling uninspired? Just start the task at hand. 

I kept seeing people taking this blunt view and ignoring the multitude of other factors that can influence our ability to do things, and that includes content creation. 

So often people tell me they aren’t good at content and it’s rarely that they have nothing to say. They already know they should be doing content marketing, so me just telling them they need to get on with it, isn’t going to make much difference. It’s much more likely to be a case of not knowing how to tap into their ideas, lack of support from a partner, external worries filling their headspace, low confidence, or perhaps a poor exercise routine making them feel lethargic. 

It took me a while to get my act together in my business too, but once I started to look at the bigger picture, things started to fall into place. I realised that I needed a far better sleep routine, more regular exercise, a support network of fellow business owners, and there were a few mindset gremlins to clear out too. 

Taking this more holistic approach had such a big impact on my life in general, that I knew it was something I had to share with my clients and audience. So, here are five simple questions to ask yourself to start taking a more rounded view of your content, business and life.

Taking a holistic approach to content
  1. What holds you back with content creation?

Don’t just say, ‘I have nothing to say’, think about this one properly. I promise you, you have stories to tell; so is it actually that you fear judgement, or you lack confidence in your ideas, or perhaps you need to improve your time management to dedicate time to content. 

  1. Do you have a strong support network?

Think about this one in terms of family and friends, but also things like attending events, memberships, masterminds and coaching.

  1. Are you taking care of yourself?

It can be so easy to get swept up in running your business, family life, and other commitments, that we can neglect ourselves. If you’re not well-rested, nourished and physically active, chances are, you’ll struggle to focus or have the energy to invest in daily life. 

  1. What’s in it for you?

Yes, you need to think about your clients and your audience, but when your momentum is really flagging, I always advise people to just be a tiny bit selfish and think about what they want. Whether your goal is to have a trip to Japan (that’s one of mine), donate to your favourite charity, or buy a new sofa, remind yourself of that when you need a little push in the right direction. Everything you’re doing right now is working towards that goal. 

  1. Does your environment support you?

If you’re trying to work in a chaotic environment, it can be hard to concentrate, and it’s surprising how much it can affect your mood. Believe me, I tried working in a spare room full of boxes for the first few months, and it did not go well! Try to create a workspace that you enjoy being in, and if that’s not immediately possible, find an alternative such as a library, coffee shop, or your garden (weather permitting).