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Do you struggle to come up with content ideas for all the different platforms and mediums out there?

I know it can feel pretty overwhelming at times but I want you to know that you don’t have to use different content for each platform.

So many people that I talk to say things like, “I posted about X on my blog this week, so what topics should I cover on social channels?”

Let’s say you have your blog and you use just two social channels every day of the week. That means you’d need 15 content ideas PER WEEK! That’s 780 PER YEAR!!!


I’m here to tell you that content doesn’t have to be that difficult. The key to not losing your marbles over it is repurposing.

You’d be tearing your hair out pretty quickly but I see people trying to do it over and over again. That’s when it all starts to get overwhelming and often they just give up. But content is powerful and shouldn’t be cast aside.

I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that difficult. The key to not losing your marbles over it is repurposing… EVERYTHING!

Just because you’ve covered a topic on your blog doesn’t mean you need to think of new ideas for social that week. You’ve already hit upon a great idea, so make sure you use that as much as you can and make it work hard for you.

So, let’s see, at a simple level, how many pieces of content you could get from just one blog post (number of pieces of content in brackets):


1. You could turn excerpts into quote posts, tip posts or publish a short section on social media and encourage people to visit your blog to read the full article. And YES, you can use these posts across multiple channels. There’s nothing wrong with putting the same thing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Not all your followers will be on the same channels and not all posts are shown to everyone. (21 – if you use all 3 platforms)

2. Create a Pinterest pin for your blog and add it to some of your boards. (1)

3. Talk about the topic on your podcast. If you don’t enjoy writing, you could even start off with the podcast and simply type up a transcript and use that as your blog post for the week. (1)

4. The same applies for video. Either use the blog to inspire your YouTube video for the week or make the video first and take the script from that for your blog. You could also talk about one or two key points as little snippets for Instagram or Facebook Stories. (5 – if you do two snippets on Stories for both platforms)

5. If you’re on LinkedIn, you could initially make a post about your blog, in a similar way to point 1 and then a few weeks later, publish it as an article on the LinkedIn platform. REMEMBER – don’t publish the whole piece to LI until at least two weeks later, as it will give Google time to index the piece on your website as the original. (2)

6. Depending on the topic you’re tackling, you could create an infographic that can be included within the blog post or used on social. (1)

7. As with the above point, if the topics lends itself, think about creating a checklist and / or workbook that your audience can use. These can work brilliantly as lead magnets too, so you could even build your email list at the same time. (2)

There are other options such as interviews, guest blogging, e-books, courses etc. but even at this simple level, you could get 33 pieces of content from just ONE blog post.

Please, please, please don’t ever use a content idea just once.

As a bare minimum, use each blog, video or podcast as the inspiration for your social posts every week.

I’m not for one second suggesting you need to create all 33 of these options for every blog post you publish. I know you’d rather be following your creative passion or hanging out with family and friends. But, as a bare minimum, using each blog, video or podcast as the inspiration for your social posts every week will save you a lot of time. Even if each idea only took you 10 minutes to think of and produce; by repurposing one piece of content for social, you’ll save over two hours each week, because you’re not trying to come up with 14 brand new ideas, you only had to think of one.

Consistently finding ideas for content is probably the most common problem that people mention to me, but it’s usually because they’re putting themselves under way too much pressure. My advice is always the same – strip things back, make it simpler and REPURPOSE EVERYTHING!

So please promise me, from now on, you’ll aim to repurpose everything you publish, into at least TWO more pieces of content.