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I take a holistic approach to content marketing because I believe that to really ignite that fire in your belly, you have to look at the whole picture – you, your business, your clients and your deepest desires in life.

It’s the inclusion of those desires that will help you to keep the momentum going, even on days where you’re not feeling it… don’t worry, we all have them.

I’m going to guess that you probably don’t want to spend your time planning or producing content, when you could be behind your camera lens, styling a gorgeous wedding, running a retreat, creating beautiful branding, or helping someone set up their mindset for an amazing future.

Together, we’ll lay the foundations to make every piece of content full of intention, to build connection with your audience, and leave you feeling completely in control. We’ll also design a simple content strategy you can stick to, without it taking over your life.

Take a look below to find out about my power-hour sessions for a burst of inspiration and clarity.

Plus there’s my Reflect & Awaken 8-week mentoring programme, and the Mindful & Thriving Collective membership (launching spring 2021); to help you grow your confidence and the visibility of your business, so you can finally have the freedom to live the life you really want.

Do you want to stop feeling frustrated by how much time and attention content creation takes away from things you truly love?

Are you ready to stop living in fear of that blank page and lack of inspiration?

Do you want to finally get consistent with your content and build amazing connections?

Imagine if your content strategy didn’t just benefit your audience, but it also honoured and inspired you too.

All of this is completely possible – let me guide you…

Inspiration sessions

The sense of calm that can come from a proper chat, is something I’m acutely aware of as an introvert.

That’s why I offer power-hour inspiration sessions, for when you need a friendly chat to clear your brain fog, and provide a bit of clarity.

Book an hour with me, and you’ll have a business friend you can call on for idea sharing and sound advice.

Inspiration sessions are £199 each

Working with Erin is effortless and she literally changed my perspective overnight!

Meeting Erin was exactly what I needed in this moment to regain control of my content strategy, and improve my confidence in sharing frequently. She provided me with incredible strategies for batching content and repurposing my blogs, and introduced me to ways to create content from everyday things and conversations, that will relate to the people I want to attract to my business. 

Erin has this natural ability to teach informally so that it isn’t daunting. She has so much knowledge and insight, and came prepared with personalised ideas and suggestions which I don’t think I would have ever thought of!

I feel so much more excited and confident about planning my content, and I can view situations and words with my business message at the forefront of my mind.

I’m looking forward to our next session already!

Becky Stanton

Habits and mindset coach, Becky Stanton coaching

Reflect & Awaken

8 weeks to heal your relationship with content marketing

🌟  After an initial chat to set the intentions for our time together, we’ll start week one with the ‘Reflect’ workbook. This is a chance for you to indulge in some quiet reflection, as you dig deep and look at the big picture of your goals, dreams, values and purpose.

🌟  While you’re laying the foundations, I’ll be doing an audit of any existing content you have, so I can make recommendations. I’ll also cast an eye over your competitors, to see if there are any opportunities or gaps you could fill.

🌟  In week two, we’ll meet for a full day of mentoring (normally in London or Surrey, but we can do it over Zoom if you’re not local) and we’ll start pulling everything together.

🌟  We’ll identify what makes you different and what your core messaging will be; to create a simple and achievable content schedule, with clear boundaries to keep your mind happy.

🌟  We’ll awaken your inner content creator and put together a content plan, that not only nourishes and nurtures your business, but also you.

🌟  You’ll have key topics to focus on, a clear strategy, and you’ll know exactly where and how to find inspiration for your content.

🌟  My aim is for you to have a sense of calm, as you know how to create mindful connections with your audience, whilst still holding space for your own wellbeing.


You’ll then have plenty of support and encouragement from me for the next six weeks as you grow and put your plan into action:

🌟  A shared Notion workspace where we can both save documents, questions, notes and ideas to refer back to.

🌟  Access to me for questions and guidance along the way.

🌟  Weekly accountability check-ins.

🌟  3 x 60-minute mentoring calls, after our day together.

Yes! I’m ready for my content marketing to be nourishing, mindful and balanced.

The Reflect & Awaken programme is £2,995

You can also choose to pay in two instalments (70% / 30%)

Before working with Erin I was really struggling to come up with blog and content ideas because writing doesn’t come easy to me. Once I started working with Erin I felt so much more confident and excited for my future content creating activities. 

Erin is absolutely amazing! She’s a great listener and really takes into account your thoughts and struggles around creating and planning your content, and really empathises with you along with providing some quick and easy solutions. 

She has helped me so much with content ideas and came up with a whole host of new ideas that I hadn’t even thought of. It opened up so many new possibilities that I am now really excited about creating content for my business.  This will not only add value to my customers, but it’s helped me become much more focused.

Hollie Ellis

Graphic designer and brand stylist, Hollis Ellis Design

Mindful & Thriving Collective

A high-touch membership to support you in taking a holistic approach to your business and lifestyle


Create your content ritual

Transform content from energy-sapping task to one of life's little luxuries.

Download my free guide to creating a beautiful ritual for content; to help you save time, get focused and consistent, and make content creation feel truly indulgent. 

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Take content from being an annoying business task to one of life's little luxuries!

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