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Below, you’ll find the answers to the questions I am asked most often about what it’s like to work with me.

If you have any other queries, drop me a line and I’ll answer any questions you might have.


Why do you publish your rates when many other people don't?

Whether it’s with money, relationships or anything else, I’ve never been a fan of playing games.

You know I have a price and I know you have a budget, so let’s just be honest with each other.

Don’t even get me started on the ‘offers in excess of’ malarkey that goes on when you’re trying to buy a house!

I've found other people offering similar services to you for lower / higher prices. Why are your rates different?

I’m a firm believer in setting fair rates for my 17 years of experience, specialist knowledge and the quality of my work. I also take into consideration the types of clients I work for and the running costs of my business.

Those charging other fees may be less or more experienced, have lower or higher business running costs or believe that price is the only or easiest way to be competitive.

I know that there are other content marketers out there currently charging around £2,400 per day and at least one charging £480 for one hour of their time. So you may find my rates to be more expensive than some but equally, more affordable than others.

My business has a large audience, will you help with my content for free, in return for exposure to my audience?

No. Unfortunately, exposure doesn’t pay my bills.

Do you offer discounts for charities?

Absolutely. I offer a 10% discount for charities.

Why do you offer a discount for charities?

It’s a small gesture and acknowledgement of the work they do for the greater good – often for free or at a reduced rate themselves.

How I work

What types of businesses do you work with?

I tend to work mostly with creatives, wedding and wellbeing-based businesses, but I’m totally open to getting involved in other industries if you think we’d be a good fit for each other.

Where do you work? Can you work with us on-site?

I tend to do a combination of working from home and in-person meetings around London and Surrey. However, I have worked successfully with international clients from my London base.

If you would like to meet in-person outside of London or Surrey; travel and accommodation costs will be added to my fee, and agreed in advance.

Is there anything you won't work on?

It’s good to know your limitations and I think it’s wise to avoid being a Jack-of-all-trades. In light of that, I don’t work on:

Hardcore sales copy (ad copy etc.) – I have done it in the past but the truth is, I think there are other people who could write you far better sales copy. Drop me a line and I’ll recommend you some great people to work with.

Video scripts – I have no experience of this side of content.

Other – I also won’t get involved with cigarettes, weapons or any business that is immoral or illegal.

About me

What experience and qualifications do you have?

I have been writing and editing professionally since 2003 and have a BSc in Marketing from the University of Surrey.

I also continue to take part in business masterminds, as well as undertake a variety of professional development courses, attend industry events and read extensively. I love to constantly improve and broaden my knowledge of the creative and content industries.

You can read more about me here.

Completed qualifications / courses:

University of Surrey BSc Marketing
Digital Marketer certification for Email Marketing
Digital Marketer certification for Search Marketing (SEO)
Digital Marketer certification for Social Media Management
Digital Marketer certification for Content Marketing
Kreativ Copywriting‘s Utterly Compelling Email Copywriter
Kate Toon‘s 10-day SEO Challenge
Muse Flash Media‘s Bitchin’ Pitchin’ (how to pitch stories to the media)
Janet Murray‘s Build Your Audience
Lisa Johnson‘s Passion for Passive


In-progress qualifications / courses:

Hootsuite certification for Social Marketing
Melyssa Griffin‘s Blog to Biz Hive

Other bits and bobs

I have no content strategy and I'm freaking out!

Firstly, breathe… and don’t panic. We can discuss and define the details together.

I’ll get to know you and your business and advise you on the best content options to get you started.

It doesn’t have to be a grand plan featuring every type of content known to man, so don’t worry about feeling overwhelmed. Everything can be tailored to suit your business and we can scale-up along the way, as your business grows.

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