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As for many people, the ‘Covid Years’ gave me a lot of time to reflect. Sometimes the result was overthinking mundane things but there were also times of stark clarity, and Curiously Childfree was one of them.

I suppose it really started over a decade ago when I started to realise that the judgement I faced for not having children probably wasn’t going to let up any time soon, and wouldn’t it be nice if there was a place to meet other childfree people?

The backlash I’d had in the past, combined with the harshness of social media made me far too scared to actually act on any ideas I had for creating said place, either in-person or online. 

But then I hit 35; everyone around me seemed to have or be having children, I was due to get married and knew the questions about having children were bound to follow, and I had finally reached a point in my life where I was feeling truly comfortable and confident who I am.

Erin Spurling - childfree

I wanted to help people, to advocate for change, to build something, to leave a mark, to speak out, to channel my inner Loki and find my glorious purpose.

So, in 2021, the Childfree Lounge membership was born, on the Mighty Networks platform, before I moved things over to Substack at the start of 2022 and re-branded to be known as Curiously Childfree.

Since creating this childfree space, I have come to experience first-hand, the power of creating a sense of inclusion and the value of telling your story to allow you to connect with new people. I have been featured in The Telegraph, Newsweek and Metro, had a letter published by The Sunday Times, been a guest on BBC Radio Surrey, plus the Midlife Mentors and Claiming Zero podcasts, and written articles for Female First and We Are the City.

Over the years I’ve written about music, theatre, dining and travel, all of which I still love, but these days I also feel deeply compelled to give a voice to the childfree community. To use my words to try to chip away at something bigger, one of the last taboos and final hurdles of feminism; to change the conversation for and about those of us who don’t have children, whether that’s through choice (like me) or circumstance.

I’ve had people try to steer my story and comments down paths I refuse to take, and as a result, I’ve lost out on potentially valuable PR for what I’m trying to do here. But I won’t fulfil the trope of being angry or bitter, hating parents and children, having a lonely life, or thinking my life is better than someone else’s.

I write about life in general as a childfree woman but also other topics that naturally filter in – family, friends, work, love, travel, hobbies, expectations etc. Hopefully you’ll see yourself in some of the pieces I write and we’ll get to know each other along the way.

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I want to encourage positive, understanding and judgement-free conversations; and kind, supportive, helpful connections.


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“It was a very conscious decision on my part to not have children – which I have
never regretted.”

Betty White

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