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At the end of 2021, I had some stark clarity around what I want to be doing and how to get there. The Childfree Lounge on Mighty Networks worked well for almost a year but something  niggled at me for a while.

Keeping everything within a paid subscription wouldn’t ultimately spark conversations, get my voice heard or change anything. Sure, I used and continue to use Instagram, and I’ve met some awesome people over there but it’s not really the place for article-writing, it’s designed for quick consumption.

Writing has been a creative and emotional outlet for me since I was a child, and something I’ve done professionally since 2003; but for a while now I haven’t always liked what I see in mainstream journalism. It’s too fast-paced with the insatiable appetite online, there’s far too much click-bait, and things get twisted way too easily. It’s not what I thought I was signing up to when I decided to pursue a writing career.

Over the years I’ve written about music, theatre, dining and travel, all of which I still love, but these days I feel deeply compelled to also give a voice to the childfree community. To use my words to try to chip away at something bigger, one of the last taboos and final hurdles of feminism; to change the conversation for and about those of us who don’t have children, whether that’s through choice (like me) or circumstance.

Right, back to that thing that was niggling at me.

I desperately missed writing, and I mean writing at length, rather than for social media – things I can really get my teeth into.

Enter, Substack and the creation of Curiously Childfree (previously known as the Childfree Lounge).

I decided to move everything over to a place where I can write freely, and subscribers can connect with each other (and me) via comments sections and discussion threads, while still enjoying monthly guest speakers, and guest writers too.

I write about life in general as a childfree woman but also other topics that naturally filter in – family, friends, work, love, travel, hobbies, expectations etc.

I hope that people will see themselves in some of the pieces I write, and those who are ‘on the fence’ or want to better understand their childfree friends and family will find the information and support they need to create a sense of inclusivity.

You can read my articles and subscribe here.