Content marketing coaching for creatives

Does producing content take up precious time that you’d rather spend on your creative passion, self-care, travel, family and friends?

Do you feel like there’s so much information about content marketing out there, that trying to figure out what’s right for your business is like trying to swim through treacle?

My content marketing coaching packages help to take away any fear, anxiety, overwhelm or confusion you’re feeling about content.

Together we’ll cut through all the jargon, scaremongering and hype, to find a way with content that feels good to YOU.

Whether it’s for specialist advice, making grand plans or freaking out about the latest Facebook algorithm changes, having someone to guide and mentor you along the way can be priceless.

We can work together on one specific aspect of content marketing or start from scratch with a brand new business. Each package can be tailored to suit your business, whatever stage you’re at.

What to use your coaching sessions for

My coaching packages can be tailored to suit you, but below are some examples of the things we could work on together.


  • Creating an image of your ideal customer, so you know who you are talking to with your content.
  • Defining your tone of voice and house style to give you consistency.
  • Indentifying your ‘why’, to give you a powerful story to tell your audience.
  • Setting your brand values and how to communicate them through your content.
  • Setting clear content goals to give you direction, purpose and confidence.
  • Defining your niche.
  • How to generate and source content ideas.
  • Repurposing content to give you multiple options and save time.
  • Basic SEO for content.
  • Boosting your confidence to get out there in front of your audience and share your content proudly.
  • Planning content for a specific product or launch.
  • Reducing overwhelm and setting a clear strategy for your content creation.
  • Getting your content strategy up and running, if you’ don’t currently have one.
  • Improving your consistency with content.

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