Editing and proofreading for creative businesses

Make sure every word has them singing your praises

In the world of websites, workbooks, online courses and membership sites, your words create a powerful first impression.

The words you choose can make or break your relationship with your customers and it’s about more than just avoiding typos.

Editing and proofreading content is about grammar, tone, consistency, layout, brand values and spelling of course!

Well-edited content can make your customers fall in love with you and keep them returning to see what creative delights you’ll be bringing them next.

 But I know it can be hard to spot mistakes in your own writing and even harder to find the time to do first, second and third versions of things, to make sure everything is pristine.

So why don’t you let me banish typos and clunky wording from your content, whilst you focus on whipping up a creative storm?