Content brainstorming for creative businesses

Do you feel overwhelmed by the need to come up with a constant stream of content ideas?

Would you like to have someone to bounce ideas around with and also get access to specialist knowledge?

Book a brainstorming session with me, and you’ll have a business friend you can call on for idea sharing and sound advice.

I know that finding inspiration for your creative pursuits and for content can be tough. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Knowing what to talk about is probably the most common concern that clients mention to me. So, my aim with brainstorming sessions, is to help you get your ideas flowing and to show you that content inspiration can be found everywhere, you just have to train your mind to spot it.

Optional extras

If you'd like a little more support, you can add these extras to any package:

  • Editing and proofreading of content = £99 per 4k words or £185 per 8k words
  • Additional coaching calls (up to 1 hour each) = £149 per call
  • Additional email access and weekly accountability check-ins = £120 per 4 weeks

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