Content auditing for creative businesses

Take stock of what you already have

Have you ever tried on an outfit and thought, “it’s nice but it would be fantastic if the fit was a bit better”?

Or eaten at a restaurant and thought, “that meal was good but it could have been amazing if the chef hadn’t gone overboard with the seasoning”?

That’s the point of a content audit – to take what you’ve already got and make it fit better or cook it to perfection.

I’ve spoken to many creative business owners who have lived in fear of an audit revealing that they need a complete overhaul. That’s a daunting prospect for any business and thankfully it’s only necessary in very extreme cases.

After a content audit, you’ll be amazed by how easily things can be tweaked to give your website visitors a better experience, get you ranking higher in Google searches and save you time when creating new pieces.

My aim is to supercharge your existing content so that it works hard to get your creative venture plenty of attention.

I want you to be able to get it looking brilliant without having to tear yourself away from your creative pursuits for too long.