Set up to be a cosy space on the internet where women who have chosen to be childfree, can come to embrace the lifestyle they’ve chosen, and have honest, open conversations without fear of judgement.

It’s also a place for general chatter, sharing recommendations, being inspired and supported by others, and meeting like-minded people.

As the community grows, so will opportunities to attend events (online and in-person), plus there are plans to invite guest speakers for interviews and Q&A sessions.

Hello, I’m Erin, and I’ve known for a long time that children weren’t going to be on my path through life. I’ve also heard all the usual responses about being selfish, regretting it later, being lonely, and never finding a partner etc.

Now, as a woman in her mid-30s, and as friends and family are having children, I recognise how important it is to be able to connect with others who have chosen the same, childfree lifestyle as me. So I set about creating a place free of judgement and trolls, but also somewhere relaxed and fun!

I’d love to have you join this private membership, to make those valuable conections, share your experiences, and truly embrace the lifestlye we’ve all chosen.

Come on in!

Erin Spurling - Childfree Lounge

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